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The days of fans poking fun at the PlayStation Network for its reliability should be “consigned to history”, according to boss Jim Ryan. Speaking with Games Industry, the gaffer explained that since the world went into lockdown, the “levels of engagement are just off the radar screen, both in terms of the number of people and the amount of time that they are playing”. He continued: “The network has stood up just fine.”

He’s right as well. While we often reported on PSN outages during the early days of the PlayStation 4, the console rarely ever goes offline anymore. Considering just how many people must have been connecting over the past few months, we probably should give the platform holder credit for this – it can’t have been easy.

“It's been a real rollercoaster of a year,” Ryan continued. “We realised a couple of months ago that we were going to have to spend a lot more time paying attention to the PS4 community than we had anticipated, as that community, along with everybody else in the world, went into lockdown. We have devoted a lot of effort to making sure out network works. I am really proud of what we've done there.”