PS Plus PlayStation Plus PS4 June 2020 Call of Duty WWII Star Wars Battlefront 2

Well that was a bit of a wild ride, wasn't it? First Marvel's Spider-Man was rumoured to be a PlayStation Plus game for June, but as we warned, the speculation was based on a known PlayStation Store bug, and it came to nothing. Next, Sony actually confirmed that Call of Duty: WWII was one of June's games, a whole three days before the full announcement. Then there was a convincing leak that tagged Star Wars Battlefront 2 as June's second offering.

And now here we are, with both Call of Duty and Star Wars officially announced as June's PS Plus lineup. But is it a duo that you're happy with? As always, we want to know what you think. Is it a good selection? Which game are you going to be playing first? Let us know in our polls, and then give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.

Are you happy with your PlayStation Plus games for June 2020?
Which June 2020 PlayStation Plus game are you most looking forward to?