Remember Outriders? It's the new co-op looter shooter from Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly that hasn't exactly taken the world by storm. It's planned for launch at the end of this year for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and you can look forward to learning much more about it next week. Square Enix has announced that starting 28th May 2020, it will be hosting a monthly livestream which is said to reveal new information and gameplay features.

Next week's showcase will focus on premiering new gameplay, areas, and powers alongside a deep dive into character classes. It sounds fairly meaty, and despite the coronavirus pandemic, creative director Bartek Kmita says the game is still on course to launch during the holiday 2020 window. "With the cancellation of some of gaming’s biggest events of the year, we’ve looked for new ways to share news about Outriders with players. We’re really excited to present new details of what we’re working on every month from this point forward with the Outriders Broadcasts."

Will you tune in next week to learn more about Outriders? Pick your class in the comments below.