We've been waiting for an age to find out the release date for Streets of Rage 4, but it's finally here. The stylish sequel will be heading to PlayStation 4 on 30th April, a week later than was previously leaked. It'll set you back $24.99.

The date is revealed in the above trailer, which also introduces the return of Battle Mode. This extra mode was also in Streets of Rage 2 and 3, so it makes sense to see it come back. It's pretty self-explanatory -- it's a competitive spin on the beat 'em up gameplay, letting players go head to head in 1v1 or team fights in various arenas.

It seems like Dotemu and the developers have been trying to cram as much into this game as possible. Hopefully it all makes for a meaty package when the title finally launches at the end of the month. Are you excited to play Streets of Rage 4 at last? Lob a pipe in the comments below.