Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Spoilers

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What the hell was Square Enix thinking when it cut that last Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer? I'm talking about the one that released on the 3rd April -- a week before the game's launch. Titled 'Final Fantasy VII Remake - Final Trailer', it features a load of different cinematics from throughout the entire game... And I can't believe how many moments it completely spoils.

Here's the trailer itself:

For context, I only just watched this thing. Initially, I avoided the trailer because I simply didn't want to see anything more of Final Fantasy VII Remake before playing it myself. And now, having beat the whole game twice, I'm so glad that I didn't give in to the hype and watch this video beforehand.

Now look, a lot of people tend to get carried away with spoilers these days. You see some poor souls get torn apart for "spoiling" movies or TV shows that are decades old. At times, we can definitely take the notion of "spoilers" a little too far. But this Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer... It's four minutes long, and it just doesn't give a sh*t.

Well, there's Rufus.

It doesn't start off too bad. The first minute or so mostly covers scenes that were in the original game -- fans knew this stuff was coming. But beyond that, it outright ruins so many cool character moments one after another. It's almost impressive how quickly this trailer cuts into different story beats, basically dissecting whole parts of the plot.

Then it hits a new low around the 2:35 mark as it reveals Rufus -- a character who we didn't even get official art of until after the game's release. Next we get a brief look at one of the game's final bosses. Now you know exactly what to expect as Cloud and the gang race down that unfinished Midgar highway.

There goes the Hell House surprise!

But the real kicker for me is the Hell House reveal. Why the, er, hell, would you spoil this boss in a trailer? One of the original Final Fantasy VII's dumbest enemies -- an in-joke amongst fans at this point -- has been reborn as a truly nightmarish opponent in Remake. The Hell House is utilised brilliantly as the surprise final boss of a story arc that sees Cloud and Aerith compete in an underground colosseum tournament. To have the sudden appearance of this absurd enemy be completely undermined by what's shown in this trailer seems criminal. Again, I can't believe that it made the cut.

It gets worse, though -- much worse. After showing us the Rufus boss fight -- an amazing duel which should absolutely be experienced with no prior knowledge -- we see Barret get skewered by Sephiroth. This trailer shows Barret dying at the hands of Sephiroth -- albeit only temporarily.

Are you serious?

It's a truly baffling decision. You could argue that it's there to make you ask questions -- but bloody hell, this is a story moment that's supposed to leave your jaw on the floor. "Did Barret just die? Is this even Final Fantasy VII anymore?" Imagine knowing that this scene is coming. Jesus Christ.

Past that, the trailer shows some scenes from near the game's end. The Whispers doing some weird thing. Sephiroth being a baddie. A tiny tease of Zack standing over Midgar. Wait, what? Was that Zack? Zack's in this game? Did we need to know that? Granted, it's not as bad as seeing Barret get killed (Christ!), but it still feels like it's giving too much away.

That's just not Fair.

Trailers have spoiled games before -- we've all seen them do it. But this Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer really is a special case.

Are you always wary of trailers that could spoil story beats or character moments for an upcoming game? Don't feed the hype in the comments section below.