Resident Evil Resistance PS4

As far as content roadmaps for multiplayer games go, the one Capcom has just put together for Resident Evil Resistance doesn't exactly inspire much confidence. Revealed on the Resident Evil Twitter account, the free online add-on to Resident Evil 3 will receive some updates in the future, but there's not exactly much to go on.

As you can see in the image below, players will be treated to a playable Jill Valentine on the survivors' side, joining the ranks of those trying to escape the Mastermind. We already knew she would be joining the fight for survival later this month on 17th April, however. And besides that, there's not a lot to talk about. Another playable character arrives next month, which we reckon is Nikolai on the Mastermind's side, while June is said to be "under construction". More updates will arrive in July and beyond.

Resident Evil Resistance Content Roadmap

So, err, yeah. We didn't think very much to Resident Evil Resistance while penning the Resident Evil 3 Push Square review and we highly, highly doubt this couple of additions will have us coming back for more. Have you managed to draw your attention away from Raccoon City to check out Resident Evil Resistance? What do you make of it if so? Purchase some bullets in the comments below.