Coronavirus Gaming Poll

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky here at Push Square. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic hasn't had a huge impact on our working lives because we can run the site from the comfort of our homes -- but not everyone is so fortunate. People around the world are facing all kinds of troubles right now, whether it's related to health, family, or work. We're living through a very uncertain time, but at least many of us have the means to escape reality -- if only for a little while -- in the form of video games.

We want to know if the quarantine has made you play more games. Maybe you're getting together with friends online instead of meeting up in person? Or perhaps you're isolating with a gigantic single player RPG. Whatever you're up to, vote in our polls, and then feed us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Have you been spending more time gaming because of the coronavirus situation?
What games have you been playing during the lockdown?