Hitman PS4 PlayStation 4

If you've yet to play Hitman, the PlayStation 4 reboot of IO Interactive's brilliant stealth action series, you're in luck. The studio announced earlier today that the complete first season is currently free to play on PS4.

There aren't too many details, but it looks like you don't need PS Plus to download the game for free, and you'll gain access to the entire game for a limited time. You'll be able to sample Agent 47's globetrotting assignments from now through to 3rd May.

Meanwhile, Hitman 2 has been drastically reduced on PlayStation Store. As part of the Games Under $20/£20 sale, the sequel is down to a very tempting £15.99 -- that's 70 per cent off the original price tag. It seems IO Interactive is keen to get everyone on the (digital and ultimately harmless) assassination bandwagon. Good work, 47.

Will you be taking Hitman for a spin on PS4 with this free trial? Plan your approach in the comments below.

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