Much of the world has been told to stay at home during these extremely uncertain times, and for many, video games are a welcome, temporary retreat from the worries of the current climate. Their ability to take your mind off of things, at least for a little bit, has never been more true than right now as Verizon claims that video game playing and engagement is up 75% amongst the presence of Coronavirus.

To keep themselves entertained, families in the US are turning to the likes of the PlayStation 4 in their numbers. Posted by Hollywood Reporter, the playing of video games has risen by 75% during peak hours in the US. That's an increase which more than triples the rising demand for video streaming services and general web traffic.

Verizon's chief technology officer, Kyle Malady, said: "And as more entertainment options are cancelled in communities across the U.S., an increase in video traffic and online gaming is not surprising." Worrying times may be ahead for the world, but at least families around the world are beating boredom by engaging in some excellent video game playing. If you're choosing to stay indoors, what PS4 games have you been playing to pass the time? Let us know in the comments below.

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