DOOM Eternal PS4 PlayStation 4

The verdicts have come flying in today for DOOM Eternal, PlayStation 4's latest major game. It seems id Software's brand new first person shooter has impressed most critics, as the title stands with a very healthy metascore right now. Different publications all praise the frenetic gameplay, smooth performance, and new features of the brutal sequel. Below is a selection of scores and quotes to give you the gist of what the gaming press thinks of DOOM Eternal.

Push Square - 9/10

DOOM Eternal delivers one of the best FPS campaigns of all time. The way it weds fast-paced, sensational action with gratifying platforming makes for a single player experience that will be remembered as one of the PS4's very best. And with a smooth frame rate to boot alongside the phenomenal feeling of handling any one of the game’s weapons, id Software has truly outdone itself. DOOM Eternal is superb.

IGN - 9/10 (Single-Player)

Doom Eternal is one of the best first-person shooter campaigns in years. Its brand of fun remains unmatched in FPSes.

Destructoid - 8.5/10

Doom Eternal keeps the strong foundation built back in 2016 intact, while adding some of its own panache in the process. I think we can officially declare that the last iteration wasn't just a lone fluke, and that Doom is back in the shooter spotlight where it belongs.

VG247 - 4/5

When you’re right in the thick of it, zipping around like a toddler after a pack of Smarties, efficiently and methodically laying waste to the hordes of hell at 900 gibs per minute, this is the strongest Doom has ever been. It’s the combat of Doom 2016 expanded in clever ways, built upon in layers, like the skin and muscles of a demon that you remove in chunks with each trigger pull. Playing it is like catharsis, a virtual wall punch for the modern age.

GameSpot - 8/10 (In Progress)

Though it can take a bit to get the hang of it, the intricacies of Doom Eternal's combat, combined with its enhanced mobility and option-heavy level design, create a ton of white-knuckle moments that elevate everything that made Doom 2016 work so well. Its combat is just as quick and chaotic, but requires you to constantly analyze everything that's happening in order to come out victorious. Once you get the hang of the rhythm of Doom Eternal, it'll make you feel like a demon-slaying savant.

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