Free PS4 Games Isolation Sony PlayStation 1

April 2020’s PS Plus update is shaping up to be a corker, with the free PS4 games including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and DiRT Rally 2.0. Those two titles alone should keep you occupied if you’re in isolation, but with publishers such as Square Enix and many others giving away free games as part of the Stay Home campaign, should Sony join in?

The manufacturer must be responsible here, of course, as it’s already announced plans to restrict PSN download speeds in both North America and Europe. These bandwidth saving measures are important, because we’re all relying on the Internet more than ever during these unprecedented times; it probably wouldn’t be wise for the manufacturer to giveaway a 100GB game to the PlayStation 4’s entire install base.

But there are definitely some gestures of goodwill it could make as part of the effort to keep people indoors. A free movie stream, for example, would definitely be welcome – it wouldn’t even necessarily need to cost the company much if it was a film distributed by its subsidiary, Columbia Pictures. And what about a smaller title from its back catalogue – Knack or Ratchet & Clank, perhaps?

Sony’s experimented giving away PlayLink titles in the past, and they’re among the best PS4 games for families to play together at home, so could be a good fit. Of course, it doesn’t need to do anything: its console is already providing a valuable distraction during these worrying times. But as a gesture of goodwill, and as part of a wider effort to keep people at home, the platform holder does have a role to play here. Do you think it should get involved?

Should Sony giveaway free games for those in isolation?