Push Square Hunt Showdown PS4 Music February 2020

Coming hot off the heels of the start of a new decade – and a good month for game music at that – we have a new selection of titles that brought a little something extra to the table when it comes to music as the 2020 release schedule creeps closer towards heating up.

Hunt: Showdown

While the soundtrack isn’t terribly expansive – the game’s built largely around using audio cues to conduct the hunt – what songs are present are really great. All of the tracks that do pop up – courtesy of Port Sulphur Band – carry this ominous slant to them that perfectly conveys the mood the game is striving to achieve and is a wonderful accompaniment to Crytek’s latest.

Darksiders Genesis

For the decade that it’s been around, Darksiders has had really good luck with music. Lots of memorable themes abound and they did a good job of balancing the “epic” with the “quiet”, and this holds true yet again, as composer Gareth Coker – likely best known for his work on the Ori titles – delivers a poignant, but nonetheless powerful score for the long-running series.

While it’s a light month again – the beginning of the year is pretty sparse by way of noteworthy releases, especially this year – that’s probably going to come to and starting next month as Mick Gordon returns with a new DOOM score. Things are going to start heating up very soon!