Destroy All Humans might not have been the first PlayStation 2 game you thought of when coming up with a list of older titles which sorely need a remake, but here we are. The THQ Nordic-fronted project is due for release on PlayStation 4 later this year, and what we have above is a rock-solid 15 minutes of gameplay footage courtesy of Gematsu.

Captured at PAX East, the footage gives us a good look at Turnipseed Farm. There's a whole lot of cow flinging, brain consuming, and humans to kill -- making for a thoroughly enjoyable stint of gameplay to sample. There are some issues when it comes to dialogue and audio, with there being a clear difference between old and newly recorded lines, but let's hope that's something which is fixed between now and release.

Destroy All Humans is shaping up to be a nice distraction from the bigger titles of 2020, a perfect summer game perhaps? Share your thoughts in the comments below.