Elden Ring

It's so strange to think that this is the first piece of official information we've received for Elden Ring ever since its unveiling at E3 2019 nearly a year ago. From Software's next big project has gone completely into hiding, but a small snippet of news posted to Twitter two days ago will surely delight those who loved the soundtracks to the developer's previous titles.

Yuka Kitamura has confirmed that she is working on the soundtrack for Elden Ring. She may not be a household name, but the composer is known for her work on Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, Déraciné, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Basically, everything the studio has put out in the past couple of years comes from the brain of Kitamura in terms of audio and music.

It's probably not going to happen, but let's hope this is just the start of a flourish of new details surrounding Elden Ring. We can dream, right? What has been your favourite From Software soundtrack so far? Show some examples in the comments below.

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