The Witcher Books Games Where to Start Calculator

Finished with The Witcher on Netflix but you've got no idea what to do next? Desperate for more Geralt but you don't know how the original books tie into the video games? If you want more Witcher and you happen to have a lot of free time, then you may want to check out this handy fanmade calculator. Put together by fantasy enthusiast Maria Kluziak, the tool lets you plan out your entire Witcher experience, pulling together all of the books as well as the three games and their expansions.

The calculator takes factors like your reading speed and free time for gaming into account, and then breaks down how many hours, weeks, and potentially months it'll take for you to see Geralt's adventures through. It does this book by book and game by game, too, so even if you just plan on consuming each instalment at your own pace, the calculator should give you some idea as to how long each chapter will take to finish.

The tool also recommends a specific order in which to tackle all of the books and games, advising that CD Projekt Red's The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings are the best way to get things started. Kluziak writes: "If you follow this order, your experience will be faithful to that of our main character. Naturally, the books come first, but Geralt does not remember their events through the course of the first two games. By The Witcher 3, however, his memories are back. Hence, taking a break from playing for the books' sake between Assassin of Kings and Wild Hunt is guaranteed to give you the most immersive experience that you can get!"

Are you looking to dive into The Witcher with the books or the games? Give us your best impression of Geralt in the comments section below.