Golf With Your Friends has been in early access on Steam for what seems like an eternity, but a proper release appears to be right around the corner. Better yet, the game is dropping onto PlayStation 4 in 2020 too, meaning we all get to experience the friendship-ending antics on console.

If you're not familiar, Golf With Your Friends does what it says on the tin; this is a mini golf party game for up to 12 players online. With a dozen 18-hole courses to play and a handful of game modes, there's lots of content here, and it comes with its own twists. Power-ups will give you an advantage over other players, allowing you to turn opposing golf balls into cubes, lay down some sticky honey, and lots more.

There's no firm release date, but we're definitely keen to give this a swing when it lands on PS4. Will you be golfing with your friends later this year? Tee up in the comments below.