We haven't seen or heard too much from Predator: Hunting Grounds as of late, but that appears to be changing as we head into March with a free trial weekend giving you a taste of the action before its late April release date. You'll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to participate, although that's all it's asking of you.

Kicking things off on Friday 27th March and lasting through until Sunday 29th March, you'll be able to sample gameplay from both the perspective of the human team and the Predator -- unlocking iconic gear and levelling up as you go. What's more, crossplay will allow you to team up with participants on PC.

We weren't too impressed by Predator: Hunting Grounds when we played it at EGX last year, however, we have to admit that the footage debuted in the trailer above looks a lot better than what we experienced. We'll know for sure if it's in better shape come the end of next month. Will you be checking out Predator: Hunting Grounds with this trial weekend? Get to the chopper in the comments below.

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