We don't get to see an awful lot of Streets of Rage 4, but every time we do, we can't help but get excited. This brand new sequel is looking fantastic with its smooth art style and faithful gameplay -- we can't wait to play the whole thing for ourselves. The occasional trailer will tide us over, though, and publisher Dotemu has just posted an exciting new video.

The final playable character is revealed here, and he looks pretty badass. Named Floyd Iraia, he's a big dude with cybernetic arms that quite literally pack a punch. You can see him in action in the new trailer, and he appears to mix heavy punches with electrical attacks.

Also worth noting is news of the game's co-op modes. You'll be able to play with a friend in two-player online co-op, or engage in local four-player multiplayer. That could get pretty chaotic.

Streets of Rage 4 is due out on PlayStation 4 in Spring. Are you excited? What do you think of newcomer Floyd Iraia? Join forces in the comments below.

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