Sometimes, there's just nothing better than a full English breakfast. A greasy fry-up might be fatty, but when you're starving, no other meal hits the spot like these monstrous plates of hash browns, sausages, and beans. We know it, and Media Molecule dev John Beech knows it, too. Believe it or not, that glorious spread of grub on the homepage is actually a creation made in Dreams.

Naturally, a developer is going to have the edge when it comes to creating photorealistic models in the game, but some talented community members have delivered some similarly appetising dishes too. As you can see in the above tweet, Dreams is more than capable of delivering mightily impressive visuals with enough practice. These are so good, we're tempted to nip to the local café for the real thing.

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What do you think of these full English breakfasts made in Dreams? Is your tummy rumbling with desire? Break out the brown sauce in the comments below.