You have to imagine that Sony has at least entertained the idea of a Last of Us movie, but given that it can't seem to make an Uncharted flick work, perhaps it's best left alone. If you were curious what a Last of Us film might look like, however, these images may surprise you.

A batch of stills from an alleged animated short movie based on The Last of Us has appeared online. There's very little in the way of context, but apparently, these pics originate from creative agency Oddfellows. The company's website sported these images as part of its portfolio, but any hint of the project has now been removed. Of course, someone nabbed everything beforehand -- the internet never forgets -- and we're left with these beautiful shots.

According to, Sony was producing a 20-minute movie based on the original game, retelling the story in order to get everyone up to speed ahead of The Last of Us: Part II. The reason the images have a wide range in visuals is that each portion of the tale would move to a different art style.

While the source of these images is somewhat dubious, the sheer quantity of frames (not to mention this animated GIF) leads us to think this might be legitimate. If so, we've no clue as to the reason Sony would cancel the project.

What do you think of all this? Are these images really from a canned The Last of Us animated film? Would you have liked to see the movie come to fruition? Grab a brick in the comments below.

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