Update (18th January): In addition to the executives outlined in the original article, Naughty Dog staffers Arne Meyer and Scott Lowe have also been spotted at PlayStation HQ, as the Japanese giant is clearly holding a summit ahead of the PS5's reveal.

Shuhei Yoshida Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 1

Original Article: Excuse us while we go gossip column for a hot minute, but several Sony executives have been spotted in the San Francisco area. Recently minted Worldwide Studios chief Hermen Hulst was the first to post that he was in the area, but then Sucker Punch communications boss Andrew Goldfarb and indie evangelist Shuhei Yoshida were both snapped in the city.

Could it be a coincidence? Absolutely, but it makes sense that PlayStation may want to pull all of its top brass together ahead of an anticipated reveal event for its upcoming next-gen console. Is that what’s going on here? Your guess is as good as ours – but if system architect Mark Cerny happens to pop up in any of these pics, then you can expect hype levels to soar.

[source twitter.com, via twitter.com]