Detroit: Become Human PS4

French studio Quantic Dream has spread its wings beyond Sony platforms in the past couple of years -- bringing its titles to PC after their PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 releases. Detroit: Become Human, the developer's flagship PS4 game, even made its way to the Epic Games Store recently. However, it looks like the team has even bigger plans for 2020.

Quantic Dream head David Cage recently shared a belated happy new year tweet with the world, in which he stated: "2019 has been an amazing year for the studio. 2020 should be even more exciting! We have a lot of surprises to come for our fans, so stay tuned!" Is he referring to entirely new projects the team is working on behind the scenes? We most certainly hope so.

Since Quantic Dream freed itself of PlayStation exclusivity in recent years, its upcoming games more than likely aren't going to be exclusive to Sony platforms. That's okay, we just want to see what it has planned for the next-generation consoles. If the likes of a Detroit 2 is in the works, we'll be letting out an excited squeal upon its hopeful announcement.

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