News - 2019, Week 45

Sunday10th Nov 2019

  • News Sony Files Patent for Curious New Cartridge

    Tomorrow is in your hands?

    Sony has filed a patent for a curious new cartridge in Brazil, raising speculation about the nature of the product it’s designed for. The last cartridge-based console that the company released was the ill-fated PS Vita, and with the PlayStation 5 already confirmed to include a 4K Blu-ray drive, it’s unlikely to be...

  • Mini Review Valfaris - Heavy Metal Headliner Is Hellishly Worthy

    Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake

    Valfaris isn’t interested in pleasantries and introductions. The Slain: Back From Hell spiritual successor is a headbanging romp across an alien planet that lets the action do the talking. Teeming with the Devil’s deadliest associates, it’s 2D shooting mayhem that manages to match impressive enemy designs with...

  • News Wattam Might Have the Best Trophy Descriptions of All Time

    "You've pooped 101 times"

    We're always keeping our eye out for new Trophy lists on Exophase, and the peculiar-looking Wattam just appeared on the site ahead of its planned December launch. It's not your ordinary list of trinkets, however, because the Funomena title could have the best Trophy descriptions we've ever seen. Thankfully, the 37 tasks on...

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