Patapon 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Patapon 2 was announced for the PlayStation 4 an eternity ago, but the rhythm role-playing game has been missing in action for literally years. Now it looks finally set to release, as artwork has been scraped from the PlayStation Store servers suggesting the PlayStation Portable sequel is mere weeks away. Obviously nothing’s been announced by Sony just yet, but this is the exact same way that Resident Evil 3 leaked recently.

It’s unclear why the cult classic has taken so long to deploy, but our hope is that the Japanese giant’s invested a little extra work into this port, as its predecessor was adversely affected by input lag. As people use different televisions, rhythm titles like this require some kind of calibration tool, otherwise they can be difficult to enjoy. Let’s hope the organisation’s used the additional time to add that crucial feature in, as this is a gem of a game that deserves the extra effort.