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In Death Stranding, players have come across a potentially game-breaking quirk. As has been well documented, your version of the game's world will be populated with items, equipment, and more created by other players. When you find these things, they can be extremely useful, but it turns out that vehicles are causing a bit of a problem.

Depending on where other players have left their vehicles, which can include pretty large trucks, you might find that parts of the map are blocked by the things. This might prevent you from completing a delivery, or halt your progress through a tricky path. Currently, there's no way to remove these vehicles from your game, so you just have to hope a vehicle doesn't spawn in an awkward spot.

Fortunately, Kojima Productions is aware of the unusual issue. The studio is putting together a new update for Death Stranding that will "address the most common requests from players", including the ability to remove unwanted vehicles.

The update is due to arrive a little later this month, and will hopefully rectify the problem. Have you come across any progress-halting vehicles in Death Stranding? Don't block the way in the comments below.

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