Yakuza: Like a Dragon Demo PS4 PlayStation 4

Yakuza: Like a Dragon, or Yakuza 7, releases in Japan at the very start of next year. However, people in that part of the world will be able to sample the new title ahead of time, as SEGA has revealed a demo prior to release. This means Japanese players will get to sample the divisive new combat found in the sequel, which swaps out the traditional brawling for turn-based, RPG-like fights.

The demo will apparently be different to what was playable at Tokyo Game Show earlier this year. No date was provided, but it can't be far away; the game itself launches on 16th January 2020. With the title confirmed for arrival on Western shores later next year, we imagine the demo will also be localised. It'll be a perfect opportunity to try out the combat, which is a huge change up for a series that's been pretty much the same since its inception.

Will you check out the Yakuza: Like a Dragon demo before its Western release, or are you all-in on the next game in the series? Take turns in the comments below.

[source gematsu.com]