Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale 200 Players Map

A massive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leak -- seemingly datamined -- has hit Reddit. User Senescallo has supposedly uncovered just about everything that you'd want to know with regards to the game's long-rumoured battle royale mode. Map regions, landmarks, match settings, gameplay mechanics, weapons -- the whole shebang.

As the headline of this article has already revealed, there's one big marketing bullet point that Activision and Infinity Ward will no doubt use to push this new mode: it's apparently going to support 200 players. In order to accommodate that many combatants, the battle royale map is suitably gigantic -- it's made up of 15 large zones, and it sounds like it's pretty varied.

We couldn't possibly go into every single detail here, but if you want the full scoop, be sure to check out the complete Reddit post. Will you be giving Modern Warfare's battle royale a shot once it lands? Check those corners in the comments section below.