Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trophies PS4 PlayStation 4

Multiplayer trophies are the bane of any PlayStation 4 trophy hunter. Some games require you to play online matches, grinding out kills and upgrades before you're able to earn the top gong. Fortunately, a lot of titles are stepping away from these types of trophies, and the list for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won't ask you to set foot on any multiplayer battlefield.

That's right, the trophy list for the latest Call of Duty focuses on the single player campaign. Most of them seem to be pretty skill-based; 'Hang Time' asks you to kill three baddies while you're on a ladder, 'Good Effect on Target' wants you to kill an enemy by hitting them on the head with a smoke grenade, and you'll have to beat the story mode on Veteran difficulty to snag 'Out of the Fire'. There are some pretty interesting trophies to collect here, but we'd be wary of viewing the full list if you want to avoid any potential spoilers. If you're not bothered about that, you can check the trophy list out through here.

Will you be gunning for the platinum in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Are you pleased there are no multiplayer trophies? Fire at will in the comments below.