Twisted Metal PS5

Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the masterful remake of Shadow of the Colossus, is working on its next project. Primed for PlayStation 5, it's more than likely going to be another Sony IP brought back from the dead that will be revitalized in all its 4K glory. The question is though, what game will it be? Rumours of a Demon's Souls Remake have been doing the rounds for more than a year now, but while that does seem to be the most plausible answer to our question, what if it's not? If Bluepoint Games is not working on a remake of Demon's Souls, what else could it be? Let's take a look at the contenders.

Days Gone developer Bend Studios made such a splash with its new IP earlier this year that the Oregon-based team is already in pre-production on its next title. That's likely going to be a follow up to the adventures of Deacon St. John after its sales success, so where does that leave the classic PSone franchise Syphon Filter? With the likes of Metal Gear Solid all but dead and buried by Konami and Splinter Cell taking its time to make a comeback, it leaves a huge gap in the market for a stealth focused experience to really leave its mark. There's a lot of reverence for protagonist Gabe Logan to be found across the PlayStation community too, with memories of his odd attempt at a run and that classic taser living long in the brain.

Ico Remake PS5

So, let us get this straight, Bluepoint Games brought back Famito Ueda's second masterpiece, but left his first behind with its PS3 remaster!? Bring back ICO is what we say. One of the greatest PlayStation games of all time is surely ripe for a remake, stuck on outdated systems with an art style that can only carry it so far before a touch up is in order. A unique game for its time, ICO is most certainly a unique experience that hasn't quite been replicated since.

But then there's an entire genre of games that has been all but lost to time. The car combat game, most notably Twisted Metal, hasn't been seen on a Sony system since the failure of the 2012 reboot, but we think there's still some life left in this engine. Bring the title back in all its glory, but it's a project that's perfect for the DLC model of today. Get a Battle Royale mode in there along with new tracks, characters, and skins and the jobs a good'un. The perfect way for Bluepoint Games to hone in their development skills when it comes to creating new and original assets for games.

Now, we turn the question over to you. If Bluepoint Games isn't working on a remake of Demon's Souls, what would you choose to make a comeback? Don't forget that due to the nature of the PS5 project, this has to be a game that was published by Sony. Make your choice in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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If Bluepoint Games isn't working on Demon's Souls, what's your dream Sony remake?