PS5 Prospero

Based on all the facts, rumours, and supposed leaks, we're confident that the PS5 is going to be a bit of a beast. With Sony touting things like ray tracing and 0.8 second load times, it's always been fair to assume that its next-gen console will be powerful, and now an anonymous, but seemingly in-the-know source has told Gizmodo that the PS5 will boast the "greatest compute jump in any console".

Apparently, the latest PS5 devkit is called "Prospero", and the bottom line is that it represents a significant jump forward in terms of sheer computing power when compared to the PS4. If true it's obviously not a huge surprise, but considering how far consoles have come over the last few decades, it still sounds impressive.

What do you make of this? What are you expecting from the PS5 at this point? Let's get some next-gen speculation going in the comments section below.