Death Stranding Norman Reedus PS4 PlayStation 4

In Death Stranding, you'll play as Sam Porter Bridges as you deliver goods across a ruined world. However, it seems that Hideo Kojima is keen for players to relate as much to Norman Reedus, the actor who brings Sam to life, as they do the character. If you've been paying attention to how the famed designer speaks about Sam, this won't come as much of a surprise.

In an interview clip from IGN, Reedus talks about "easter eggs" or certain actions in the game that are "very Norman". By the sound of it, Kojima wants players to be able to relate to Sam by affording him human quirks, and this was all based on Reedus' behaviour and mannerisms. Talking about his time shooting performance capture, the actor says, "Every time I did something, like I scratched my head, or I'd yawn, [Kojima] would go 'Do it again'". In other words, a lot of what makes up Sam's character comes directly from Reedus to try and achieve a natural, relatable protagonist. Quite what these easter eggs are going to be, we'll have to wait and see.

Death Stranding finally arrives on 8th November. Are you excited to get to know Sam/Norman? Stay out of the rain in the comments below.