Death Stranding File Size PS4 PlayStation 4

File size is something people are becoming increasingly concerned with, as modern games take up more and more precious storage space on our consoles. Red Dead Redemption 2 famously eats up more or less 100GB of space just on its own, and some other AAA games are trending that way too. What about Death Stranding, then? How much room will Kojima's latest consume of your PlayStation 4's limited space?

Relatively speaking, it's not too bad, but you're still looking at a decent wedge of hard drive. Death Stranding's file size is around 55GB. Eagle-eyed fans discovered the figure on the back of the box for the limited edition PS4 Pro console, stating the minimum amount of storage needed for the game. 55GB puts it at slightly larger than other Sony published games like Marvel's Spider-Man and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Of course, updates will likely push the number up a bit.

With hard drive real estate at a premium these days, what do you think of Death Stranding's file size? Will you need to make some room for this one? Make sure you've enough space in the comments below.

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