Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot PS4

Developer CD Projekt Red has already promised that Cyberpunk 2077 will be a "whole, full value game" at launch, but following its phenomenal support of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after the game released, we can't help but wonder what we'll get to experience after the base game has shipped. Thankfully, it looks set to be a wealth of content similar in vain to that of Geralt's post-launch excursions.

During an interview with Gamespot, CD Projekt Red's John Mamais said: "[The Witcher 3's free DLC with big paid expansions] was a good model for us; it worked pretty well for The Witcher 3. I don't see why we wouldn't try to replicate that model with Cyberpunk 2077. We're not talking about that yet, but it seems like that would be the smart way to go."

Of course, it's not confirmation that the studio will definitely go down the route of releasing multiple minor pieces of DLC just after launch while larger expansions arrive a number of months later, but it certainly seems to be the plan. Mamais then goes on to discuss microtransactions, stating that it's a bad idea to do them after a title's release. "It's probably a hard decision for the guy that runs the business to decide if we should do it or not. But if everyone hates it, why would we do something like that and lose the goodwill of our customers?"

This will be welcome news for many that are looking forward to the game. Publishers have in the past been known to add microtransactions to its bigger titles roughly a month after launch in order to net some extra cash, but it doesn't look like CD Projekt Red will be adding itself to the list.

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