PlayStation PS4 X Button Cross

It's been days since PlayStation UK posted a tweet saying that the X button is actually pronounced 'cross', but the debate is still raging across the internet. Well, we say debate, but the reality is that most people never call the X button cross. Countless fans have responded to our site poll and social media posts on the matter, and the vast, vast majority say that they simply call it 'X'. You know, like normal people.

We've included the aforementioned poll below -- just check out the results if you don't believe us.

Do you call it the X or the Cross button?

Meanwhile, the internet's been having a good laugh with the whole thing. We received some pretty funny takes on the topic:

So, the official name for the X button may well be 'cross', but hardly anyone wants to use it. Sony, you should have made it clear from the start if you didn't want to be in this mess. It's been almost 25 years since the original PlayStation launched -- it's way too late to rewire people's brains now.