Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4

Sony's got a pretty robust lineup of titles being displayed at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Of course, it includes PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding, the enigmatic new game from Hideo Kojima. With the release date fast approaching, it makes sense to show off a little more of how the title operates. By the sound of it, we'll be seeing plenty.

Kojima has tweeted about his tasks ahead of TGS. He says he's editing gameplay footage for the presentation himself, "As well as the script for the stage show". He followed this up with the following statement:

So, it seems we're getting nearly an hour of gameplay footage during Death Stranding's livestreamed show. Sony's planned live showcases of a select few games, and Kojima is packing his full of new gameplay.

Tokyo Game Show 2019 gets started this Thursday, 12th September. Are you looking forward to seeing a bunch of Death Stranding footage? Praise Norman Reedus in the comments below.