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With a 2020 release date for PlayStation 5 looking like an inevitability, we're starting to see next-gen rumours crop up on a more frequent basis as we edge closer to next year. This latest rumour says that Sony is planning on releasing two different PS5 models when the console launches in 2020. One will be a standard PS5, while the other will offer a more powerful machine in the form of a PS5 Pro.

This all stems from Zenji Nishikawa -- a Japanese journalist specialising in technology who also streams games on YouTube. During a recent playthrough of Assassin's Creed Odyssey (good taste, by the way), Nishikawa apparently comes out with the aforementioned rumour. The archived video itself is in Japanese, so we're unable to confirm, but this is the case according to Wccftech.

Adding weight to his claims is the fact that Nishikawa accurately predicted that Nintendo would release a Switch Lite in 2019. Not the most impossible of predictions, but Nishikawa also outed the PS4 Pro before it was announced back in 2016. In short, the guy's got a decent track record.

Still, we're not entirely convinced. Nishikawa says that Sony wants to give potential buyers the opportunity to snag a beefier console from day one, but no matter how you slice it, this would be an odd strategy for Sony to employ. A launch day PS5 Pro would immediately overshadow the standard PS5, and while such a move could potentially squeeze more money out of hardcore fans -- the people who are there buying a console at launch no matter what -- it would completely downplay any attempts at trying to sell the PS5 as an all-conquering next-gen machine.

What's more, Sony has a long and successful history of releasing reworked or more powerful hardware two or three years after the base console's arrival. For it to abandon this in favour of pushing a 'Pro' model right out of the gate would be one heck of a shift in philosophy.

What do you make of this rumour? Would you prefer Sony to launch a Pro model alongside the regular PS5? Weigh up your options in the comments section below.

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