Beat Saber Panic at the Disco DLC Pack PS4 PlayStation 4 PSVR

Beat Saber is one PlayStation VR game we keep coming back to. The music might be hit and miss, but the gameplay is endlessly satisfying regardless of the tunes. Thankfully, the PSVR hit is getting more music fairly regularly -- with two premium DLC packs and a free one for good measure, there's plenty of songs to choose from these days.

Developer Beat Games has just announced a third DLC song pack. This time, it's a handful of tunes from Panic! at the Disco. As for which songs in particular, we're not sure just yet -- although it seems their cover of The Greatest Show is in if this teaser's anything to go by.

The DLC pack arrives next week on PlayStation Store. The previous two song packs cost £9.99, so we'd expect this one to be the same. Will you be picking up this Panic! at the Disco music pack for Beat Saber? Which songs do you want to slash some boxes to? Don't panic in the comments below.