Tubbz Cosplaying Ducks

So, you've spent your life savings on collecting all the Funko Pop! Vinyl figures money can buy, and now you need something new. Something different. Something... Weird. Introducing 'Tubbz', a range of collectable cosplaying ducks from Numskull. We told you it was weird.

Each duck cosplays a different video game character, and all of them are officially licensed. There are Spyro ducks, Destiny ducks, Fallout ducks, Crash Bandicoot ducks... We've included a few favourites below.

Each duck will set you back £12.99/$12.99 (not sure where that exchange rate comes from, mind), and they're available to pre-order now, with shipping due mid to late November. You can peruse the whole range through here.

Dare we ask if you're interested in Tubbz? Give us a hearty quack in the comments section below.

[source numskull.com]