Sony has announced a fun new initiative to let all players in on competitive gaming. PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series is a set of seasonal events hosted by PlayStation. Players of all skill levels can enter tournaments in various games directly from their consoles, potentially winning some cool prizes.

PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series PlayStation 4

It's all getting started very soon; on 6th August, a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament will begin. As explained on the PlayStation Blog, each tournament will run through three stages. Using the NetherRealm fighter as an example, you can pass stage one by winning three of four online matches. The stakes will increase in stage two, where you'll compete at a higher level, and then stage three will decide who takes home the championship title. Prizes will escalate as you make your way through a tournament. Some examples of these are dynamic themes, in-game currency, and even cash prizes -- it all depends on where you end up in the rankings.

To enter each tournament, you simply need to visit the Events screen on your PS4 and sign up to the tournament from there. It's a neat idea, and it's nice to see Sony making good use of the often ignored Events feature. Will you be taking part in any of these Challenger Series tournaments on PS4? Get your game face on in the comments below.