When Activision lifted the lid on all things multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there was a heck of a lot of gameplay. Unfortunately, it was accompanied by constant commentary, which isn't always helpful when you just want to see the game running. It's lucky, then, that developer Infinity Ward has released the above video.

It shows over 20 minutes of raw gameplay footage, captured on a PlayStation 4 Pro. We get to take a look at several multiplayer modes, like Headquarters, Domination, and Cyber Attack, as well as a night time Team Deathmatch with most of the HUD off. Honestly, it's looking pretty great, and definitely reminds us of spending endless hours in the original Modern Warfare.

Hopefully we'll get to see what the single player and Spec Ops modes have to offer soon. Are you excited for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? What do you think of this new gameplay? Shoot down to the comments section below.

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