A lengthy Persona 5 Royal livestream has revealed a load of new information about the upcoming game, as well as an unsurprisingly slick new trailer. New gameplay mechanics, events, and characters were shown off, so we've compiled all the details below. Thanks to Twitter user BlackKite for the translations.

  • The brand new third semester in Persona 5 Royal will feature all-new scenarios, events, and character interactions.
  • A number of new, obtainable personas are being added.
  • All Phantom Thieves are able to gain access to a new, third persona.
  • The new Kichijoji map is the largest area outside of dungeons. It's fully explorable with bustling streets, back alleys, and various attractions.
  • There are a number of new shops and attractions exclusive to Kichijoji. A dumpling stall, a shrine (that you can pray at), a clothes shop, and an incense shop were all shown during the livestream.
  • There's also a bar in Kichijoji where you can play darts or pool with your allies. Each game costs 800 yen per visit.
  • The darts minigame uses DualShock 4 motion controls (god help us). It's unclear whether this is optional or not.
  • Kichijoji even has a jazz club, and you can invite a friend to visit it with you. It costs 3000 yen to get in, it has a cocktail menu changes each day, and there's a guest singer who appears now and then. Jazz club visits can raise the stats of your allies.
  • A brand new character named Jose can now be found in Mementos. He looks like a weird little robot kid with an eggshell haircut.
  • Jose can grant you bonuses to money, experience, and item drops while in Mementos. You can trade various types of items with him.
  • Persona 5 DLC costumes, songs, and personas are compatible with Persona 5 Royal. However, you need to pay 10 yen to unlock each of them. It's unclear if this means 10 yen in real life, or 10 yen in-game. We assume it's in-game...?
  • Unlike in Persona 5, you'll actually be able to use the PS4's share button... Up to a point. Game captures and streaming are allowed up until the new, third semester in Persona 5 Royal. Sigh.
  • A smaller gameplay detail: Ryuji's social link ability which lets you instantly kill lower-level enemies by sneak attacking them, has been reworked in Persona 5 Royal. The ability was an annoyance for a lot of players in Persona 5, so in Royal, the ability only activates when you're sprinting towards an enemy.
  • Unsurprisingly, there's going to be a whole new palace in Persona 5 Royal.
  • Instant kills can now give you rewards, like items and personas.
  • You can now use "hold up" on bosses in Mementos, instead of just killing them.

Phew. Are you looking forward to Persona 5 Royal? Make your escape like a Phantom Thief in the comments section below.

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