The Division 2 Single Player

The Division is one of those properties that has an interesting concept at its heart, but because it's a co-op enabled experience, the story and characters are never really given room to breathe. But what if The Division wasn't an always online, multiplayer-focused series? What if there was a single player, story-driven spin-off?

This very idea was presented to The Division 2 creative director Julian Gerighty on Twitter. Interestingly, Gerighty retweeted the idea along with one word: "Thoughts?"

Obviously it's important not to read too much into this. A single tweet certainly doesn't mean that there's a single player Division game in the works right now, but the fact that the idea is getting this kind of attention is enough to raise an eyebrow. Adding fuel to the (admittedly quite small) fire, Gerighty adds "Apparently not something people are violently against" followed by a smiley face. Again, intriguing.

So, would you like a single player Division game? One that focuses on storytelling? Leave your squad behind in the comments section below.