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Congratulations if you made it through this swelteringly hot week – the next one is supposed to be even warmer. The good news is that you can always close the curtains, shut the world out, and sit back with some video games – and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. Here’s what we’re playing.

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

This weekend could go one of two ways. Either I could start Detroit: Become Human, or I could make a real effort to continue with Snacks on a Train in Dreams. The reality is that I’ll probably ignore both.

Liam Croft, Senior Staff Writer

I've got yet another date with the courtroom this weekend thanks to Judgment. After finishing off the seventh chapter, the twists and turns so far have me eager to return for a full day of play on Sunday. I'll also be checking out a little indie game called 198X at some point.

Jamie O'Neill, Reviewer

I'll take my PS Vita away with me to Edinburgh this weekend, and I'll focus on a few quick plays of early 16-bit arcade ports like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, and Super Thunder Blade on the PSP's 2006 SEGA Mega Drive Collection.

Lloyd Coombes, Reviewer

This weekend is Switch focused for me: I'll be playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Super Mario Maker 2. That said, I'm also hoping to play more WipEout in PlayStation VR which has become one of my favourite experiences on the platform – if you haven't given it a go, you really should!

Victor Nowogurski, Moderator

I am heading out of town this weekend so it's going to be all about the Switch and Super Mario Maker 2 which I am enjoying a lot. Hands down it's the best 2D Mario game out right now.

What are you playing this weekend? Do you have anything particular in mind, or are you just going to see what takes your fancy? Let us know in the comments section below.