Amid all the huge action games we devote most of our gaming time to, sometimes you just want a title with which you can unwind. Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands might be a mouthful of a name, but the game itself looks to fit the bill; an easy going adventure about marooned pirates on a mysterious archipelago. As well as exploring the titular islands and discovering its secrets, this is largely a game about farming, crafting, and cooking.

According to developer Lemonbomb Entertainment, it treads the line between classic adventure titles and farming sims such as Stardew Valley. "Combining elements of both genres was a natural fit that we wanted to add our own spin to," writes creative director Roman Matuszczak on the PlayStation Blog. "Farming, cooking and crafting mechanics are deeply woven with the parts of exploration, adventure and survival. This results in an organic loop that allows the gameplay of Stranded Sails to feel relaxing yet thoughtful."

You'll need to build up a camp, grow crops, fish, and cook, all so you can explore the islands further. It may not be the deepest game in the world, but it sounds like a promising detour from all the blockbusters. Stranded Sails is out on PlayStation 4 in October 2019. What do you think of it? Cook up some delicious comments below.