Raf Grassetti was art director on the brilliant PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War, but that hasn't stopped him from turning his hand to other games. He's gained a bit of a reputation lately for his wonderful interpretations of numerous Smash Bros. fighters. Even more recently, Grassetti has expressed his love of Cuphead by sharing his take on villains King Dice and the Devil.

His latest artwork has made its way online. This time, it's the turn of Studio MDHR's heroes, the titular Cuphead and his best pal Mugman:

The 30s cartoon characters have been transformed into more three-dimensional beings, and they look great. They almost look like they're made of modelling clay, ready for a stop-motion adventure. Grassetti has said that he plans to put all his Cuphead drawings together at the end, so we can expect more to come.

Are you a fan of his spin on Cuphead and Mugman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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