Always good for a laugh, Tekken director and producer Katsuhiro Harada popped up at the latest Fighting Tuesday, a weekly fighting game event held in Tokyo. Iconic sunglasses equipped, Harada took the fight to a number of Tekken 7 players, and even faced off against Rangchu, the current Tekken World Tour Champion.

Rangchu, primarily a Panda player from South Korea, won last year's tour to the surprise of just about everyone, and he's already proven to be an incredibly dangerous competitor during 2019's tour as well.

You'd think going up against a seasoned professional would be a death sentence for Harada, but the godfather of Tekken does manage to hold his own. The video from fighting game channel ANIMEILLUMINATI that we've embedded above has the whole set.

This isn't the first time that Harada has competed in his own game, mind. Most recently, he appeared at Evo 2018. Admittedly he didn't get very far, but hey, we love a good sport, and Harada's definitely that.