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PlayStation fans in Europe are in a particularly foul mood at the minute – and changes to the PS Blog’s weekly new releases article have tipped them over the edge. Historically, the platform holder has listed every new title and DLC pack due out on the PlayStation Store, with appropriate links and release dates. The latest update, however, just includes five “highlights”.

There is a link to a page on the PS Store which collates all of the latest releases at the bottom of the blog post, but as pointed out in the tetchy comments, not everything always shows up. As one poster noted: “How will small games get noticed now? Poor show.” This is just the tip of the iceberg, after a number of titles already available overseas have failed to materialise on the EU store.

It’s perhaps worth noting that the European branch of PlayStation covers a lot of territories, each with their own legal requirements and loopholes. This does make it more difficult for software to get approved and published, although the excuse holds little weight when you consider that Nintendo and Microsoft don’t appear to be having the same issues.

It’s possible that this week’s PS Blog post has been simplified due to time restraints, and normal service will resume soon. If it doesn’t, though, we anticipate further irritation from the community – and perhaps even partners, who feel their software is getting pushed out with limited publicity. Perhaps the solution is to overhaul the PS Store itself, so it’s more effective at promoting new content.