It appears everyone will be able to get their Handy Andy on in this upcoming co-op title from All In! Games. Tools Up! looks to take the four-player, collaborative multiplayer popularised by Overcooked and apply it to home renovation, which isn't the worst idea in the world. In the above trailer, we can see how it'll play out. You and your builder buddies will be knocking down walls, laying floors, painting, moving furniture, and more. Teamwork will be a necessity as you race against the clock to get the work done.

One interesting feature gives each level a blueprint that only one player can peruse at any given time. The player who's using the blueprint can shift the perspective of the level to make it easier (or harder) to see what needs to be done. You can also throw objects and each other around, which will help speed things up -- or, more likely, send things spiralling.

The game is due out in 2019 for PS4. What do you think of Tools Up? Make us something out of MDF in the comments below.

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