Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden released on PlayStation 4 late last year, bringing a unique spin to turn-based strategy games with its unusual characters and focus on story. It's been fairly quiet since release, but today, publisher Funcom has fully unveiled a major expansion for the game. Named Seed of Evil, the DLC brings a host of new content to the title, and it's due out fairly soon.

Picking up where the original game left off, Seed of Evil introduces a new story to play through, facing a new threat that can control plants. Big Khan is a new playable mutant moose who specialises in dealing with large groups of enemies. The expansion also brings the ability to upgrade mutations, as well as new maps to explore and equipment to find. It seems like a pretty hefty expansion.

Seed of Evil is due out on 30th July. Are you still playing Mutant Year Zero? Will you be playing Seed of Evil this summer? Unleash your inner moose in the comments below.