It's April already, which means we can say that Days Gone is out this month. The year sure is flying by, isn't it? Bend Studio's open world survival game has come on leaps and bounds since we first laid eyes on it, and in this latest footage courtesy of PlayStation Access, it's looking pretty impressive.

We also learn a couple of new bits and pieces about the game here. Did you know it was codenamed Red Chair after a beer brewed in Bend, Oregon? Or that Deacon collects the ears of Freakers he kills to prove to camps he's been clearing them out? Or that you can find survivors in the world and increase the numbers of an encampment you're helping?

It sounds like there's some clever design in Days Gone underneath the bikers vs zombies exterior. The video's worth a watch, so take a look if you're looking forward to this PS4 exclusive. Will you be joining Deacon at the end of April? Try not to freak out in the comments below.